NPE Industry Thailand

NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd., located in Nakornpathom, Thailand. We manufactures professional audio and metal products for 29 years with passion to produce high quality products. We have research and development team to consistently control and monitor all manufacturing processes to meet the international standard. Starting from raw material selection to deliver products to customers, NPE delicately operate at every step to follow the company’s principle as “Determine to Improve for High Quality Products with Well Organized System for Customers’ Satisfaction”

Established :15 April 1993
Area :12 rai
Scope of Business :Production of audio equipment and metal products.
Exclusive Distributor :Natthapong Sales & Service Co., Ltd.

Business Overview

NPE Audio Products

NPE Audio Products

We produce all ranges of audio products which for both P.A. and HiFi System, including Power Amplifier, Power Mixer, Mixer, Speaker, Graphic Equalizer, Crossover, Audio Network, Digital Delay, Digital Echo and Transformer. The products are at high standards for professional PA sound system, concert and outdoor stage.

NPE Reseach

NPE Research

We produce audio system for conference and meeting called “NPE Audio Conference & Meeting System” which is set of high-performance equipment containing of volume control and sound adjustable. We have many models both of analog and digital system that are easy to use and set up including good appearance which suit for any conference.

NPE System Enclosure

NPE System Enclosure

We produce various kinds of metal products such as 19-inch rack, multipurpose box, electrical control box, and industrial control box. All products are designed and manufactured by specialized team with effective and modern machines. All processes, such as CNC punching, bending, deburring, corner shearing, welding, powder coating with line conveyor system and silk screening, are controlled by computer system make products quality up to international standard.

NPE Festal


We produce guitar amplifiers, guitar bass amplifiers and foot switches for both music studio and live concerts.



We produce many types of electronic kits that aim to provide knowledge and enhance users’ electronic skills from using these kits with enjoyment. All electronic circuit kits are well designed and examined. The tools and components are professional grade that meet the quality standard.



We offer design service and deliver OEM metal products that specifically produced according to customer's specifications. We use CAD/CAM program with modern CNC machine for cutting, bending, and punching metal sheets as well as powder coating with line conveyor system and silk screening in full operation.



1995: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has formally established, located at Sampran District, Nakhonpathom Province, as a factory, producing complete ranges of audio products and speaker cabinets under the brand NPE Audio Products. There is a team of sound engineers to design the installation system for both indoor and outdoor applications.


1997: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has launched a new product line, offering a variety of metal work products and rack cabinets under the brand NPE SYSTEM ENCLOSURE. The products are designed by an experienced designed team and produced by an efficient production system. Each modern machine is controlled by a computer system. Industrial powder coating with Line Conveyor system and full range of silk screen work.


1999: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has launched an official website,, to provide thorough information about the company and products for customers.


2000: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has launched a new product line, offering an Electronic kit products under the brand NPE KIT.


2001: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. launched a new product line, offering complete ranges of audio products for conference system and sound system for home used applications under the brand NPE RESEARCH. In addition, the company also launched OEM services for metal sheet products, tailored made to customers’ needs under the Brand Concept "NPE OEM PROJECT"


2007: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has launched a new product line, offering audio products for musical instruments under the brand FESTAL with the slogan "POWER OF THE ENTERTAINMENT"


2009: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has granted a professional factory standard, under the symbol of Thailand Diversity & Refinement (Thailand's Brand), certified by the Department of Export Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. This is a standard certification mark of quality Thai products, elevating the product reliability in the export market.

- The company has been certified ISO 9001:2008, which is a quality management system within the organization for production to ensure the delivery of good quality products to customers

- The company has been certified for quality management system standards from SGS (Thailand) Limited, which is an international quality management system certification organization, recognized by many countries. The company focuses on continuous improvement of production processes and inspections to create sustainable customer satisfaction

- The company received a quality management system certification mark from the National Accreditation Board (NAC) and the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), which is the national quality management system accreditation agency in Thailand and the United Kingdom (England).


2013: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. received the Thailand Trust Mark (TTM) from the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. This is a standard certification mark to stipulate “Trusted Quality” to guarantee the quality of Thai products to the world market.


2014: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. received the Best Practice Company Award from the Toyota Production System (TPS) campaign, organized by the Thailand Automotive Institute.


2016: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. received ISO 9001:2015 certification, which is an extension of the ISO 9001:2008 system. This is one of the foundations that will help the organization to strive for sustainable development.


Year 2017: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was certified as Thai labor standards (TLS 8001-2563) from the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare. This standard is the symbol for an organization that conducts business with social responsibility on labor. This standard will gain higher confidence from trading partners in the international trade arena.


2021: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was certified Green Industry Level 2, Green Activity from the Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry. This certificate represents an organization that is committed to conducting environmental friendly business.


2023: NPE Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has improved and launched a brand new website under the campaign "All in One Place", presenting complete company information, products and services. The information is available on all devices and convenient to use.